Friday, February 04, 2011


"Freedom...that's just some people talking..."

The people in Cairo are presently fighting for their "freedom". i disagree with the way some of them are going about it. Why do we so quickly resort to violence? We've had so many examples of successful, non-violent resistance in the last 60+ years. Gandhi, King, Tutu...

Of course there is always the philosophical question of whether freedom is but an illusion. Are our actions and choices predetermined by genetics and conditioning? From personal experience i can say, for the deluded person there is no difference between illusion and reality. Which begs the question, who determines what reality is?

i'm not trying to be deep. It seems obvious. We all see things in many different ways. Our own views make complete sense to ourselves and we often disdain the perspectives of those who see things differently. How can we be so sure of ourselves? Perhaps because we each live in different realities. Sure, there's overlap, but there's definitely deviation.

i remember reading something in a Shakespeare play that stood out. i don't know if i remember it properly but this is the essence of it:

"I could consider myself the king of infinite space, though bound in a nutshell, if it weren't for these dreams. Dreams themselves are ambition. And I consider ambition so light and airy a quality that it is but a shadow of a dream."

Indeed, freedom is a state of mind.

Which brings us back to our infamous Eagles quote: "Freedom, oh, freedom, well that's just some people talking."

It certainly seems elusive, but perhaps elusive is just an illusion.