Tuesday, July 13, 2010

These godless Days!

i'm not convinced that the world is getting worse, or that people are committing more or greater atrocities. Nothing has really changed. Ecclesiastes says as much: "There is nothing new under the sun".

One thing about the world has changed. It's gotten smaller. What was once completely unknown, and in many cases unreachable, is now just a days trip and a moments news headline away. The news is nearly always about corruption, and this makes us feel that things must be worse than ever.

i'm sure that all of today's atrocities have been happening since the world began. Rape, murder, human trafficking, robbery, slavery, oppression, exploitation...etc.

In fact, i tend to think the world is getting better.

As many rant about getting this country back to it's values and 'good ol' day' roots, i wonder what that looks like. i asked a black friend if his parents would like relive the good ol' 40's & 50's again. He seemed to get the point.

When should we go back too? The days of slavery, unfair wages for women, 16hr work days coupled with child labor? How about the days when good honest church goers dressed in their Sunday suites and ties in the morning and traded it for white hoods and robs Sunday night?

Yeah, i think things are either better or the same. They definitely aren't worse. There may be some areas that are worse, but there are other areas that are better.

We have the capability of destroying the world with nuclear weapons, but that doesn't make us worse. That simply makes the same kind of people more dangerous.