Saturday, September 17, 2005

Reply on GR Emergent Seminar

This is a comment on Steve Argues blog post (already.notyet) concerning a dialogue of the September 12th, 2005 Talking Points Emergent Church Seminar fearturing Brian McLaren, Mike Wittmer, and Ed Dobson.

Nobody likes change, and all change, even for the good, brings anxiety. Another part though is fear of the unknown. Emergent is just taking shape theologically. Not everything is clear, and not everyone agrees. Brian reminded us at the seminar that not all of his thoughts and theological positions represent the thoughts of emergent thinkers as a whole. Of course, when people are turning to his books to critique and understand emergent theology, they don't have much else to go on, and therefore attribute it to the whole. Suddenly personal opinions become a trademark of a movement, though they were never intended to be taken that way. i hope emergent thinkers don't come up with a distinctive theology on issues such as trinity, hell, election, etc. That would simply lead to another denomination. i think what we're looking for is an authentic way of being. Doctrine isn't the main issue here. Our doctrine is sound, and hopefully does not splinter us as it did the protestants. Something that ought to make emergent thinkers sick is the idea of tearing apart the church over gray issues. i say we ought to continue to live together with our own distinctive, and mostly orthodox theologies, and celebrate the diversity of our theological differences, focusing on praxis and authentic living. We may not agree on hell eternal or annihilation, openness theology or meticulous sovereignty, penal substitution or kingdom of God focus, or various other issues, but most of us recognize what it means to "live Christ" and know we need one another to even begin to be able to attempt to do this.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Rabbit Hole

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole. This blog site is dedicated to exploring the winds of change that God is bringing through the Church, and the dreaming of new ideas for advancing an eternal vision.